Today we have competed a migration to new severs in a new data center.

Many improvements have been made.  Most relate to infrastructure, such as additional power and network redundancy.  We continue to use virtualization for everything we do.  This allows all our services to be run on a second server in case of problems.

Improvements you may notice all relate to speed.  We are now connected directly to the Internet backbone routes not at 1 GB, but at 10 GB speeds.  All the servers have twice as much memory.  All the servers now have 16 processor cores, up from 8.

What that all means is that your web sites will be among the fastest on the Internet.

We have done everything we can imagine to make the transition as painless and simple for our users as possible.  Inevitably, mistakes are made and details missed.  The new servers use more advanced, faster database software.  There are some incompatibilities.  Please be sure to check your site.  Through the day today we will be looking for any problems and correcting them.  If you find your site(s) have problems, please let us know immediately via a help ticket at:

lease enjoy these improvements!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

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