Email Forwarding Problems

Many people like to use forwarders so that they only have 1 email account to check.  Sometimes problems occur with this. Unfortunately, forwarding to gmail accounts is problematical. Forwarding to is even worse. The 2 things which commonly go wrong is gmail deciding forwarded mail is spam and deleting it and the other throttling sending […]

Hard Drive Failure Rates

In the last 6 months we have twice had nearly simultaneous drive failures leading to service outages.  It was hard at first to grasp how something so seemingly unlikely could have happened.  When it happened a second time, it was time for some serious scrutiny.  What seemed like common sense might not be correct. We run […]

Keeping Your Site Safe

After a site has been compromised, we often get criticized for, “Not keeping my site safe”.  It’s not a reasonable criticism.  There isn’t a magic bullet to use against attackers. We do scan every web server request for something like 10,000 known attacks using the web server plugin mod_security.   The rule set for scanning is […]

Grey Listing and Sender Verification

I was asked today if some email is not getting through the spam filters on our mail server.  In general, only spam is filtered out, but there are some uncommon cases where wanted email is rejected.   The more email is filtered, the more opportunity exists for mistakes.  Once in a while email does get classified as spam when […]

New Anti-spam Measures

At Deerfield Hosting we work hard to reduce the spam (unsolicited email) our users receive.  About 95% of email arriving at our servers is discarded because we can identify it as spam.  None the less, the remaining spam can still be a significant annoyance.  The problem with further filtering is false positives.  We can’t be […]


OR: How Do I Change My Site to Use HTTPS? Now that you have an SSL certificate installed on your site, the natural question becomes how to make use of it.   Just because it’s available doesn’t mean somehow magically it will be used.  You need to take some steps to get it into use. […]

SSL Certificates in Web Host Manager

Generating and installing an SSL Certificate using the Web Host Manager interface is easy.  The steps are: Click on “Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request” Fill in the text boxes with the appropriate information and click on “Create” Use cut and paste to copy the CSR, (Certificate Signing Request) Purchase your certificate and then […]

Cpanel SSL Certificate Installation

To the uninitiated, using cPanel to generate and install an SSL certificate will seem complicated.  It’s actually rather simple. Generate a new private key: Log in to cPanel and click on the SSL/TLS icon. Click on, “Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys.” Leave the size set to 2,048; put your domain name in […]

Choosing the Right SSL Certificate

Previously we talked about why you and your site visitors should have a strong preference for secure sites.   Here we will address which certificate you should choose. It’s all about establishing trust.  The decision is subjective.  Evaluate who your visitors are, why they are at your site and what you want them to do. If your […]

Why HTTPS? – Privacy!

Most people have no idea that their personal information is being leaked all over the place when they use the Internet.  If your initial reaction is that you don’t care because you have nothing to hide, it’s time to re-evaluate that position.  Someone who gets possession of your personal information can ruin your reputation and […]